Mom was no more

It was a normal day until 11am at least! I had woken up at 6am, had sent my child to school and had finished the early morning chores at home before going to the gym.

It was only just after getting out of the gym at 11am or so that I had an uncanny feeling and a strange uneasiness in my heart. My mind just raced to mommy’s thoughts and I dialled her cell phone. There was no reply.

She had just gone back to her empty house after staying with me for 2 weeks. The house had been locked for 6 months as she had gone to spend some time with my brother before coming to me. I don’t know what premonition she had that she felt like meeting everyone. My ex husband, my brother and son and me. As if she wanted to pass on her blessings to everyone.

She had called me from my brother’s house barely 4months ago and had said, “I have a feeling I won’t live for long now!” She had insisted on returning to her own house and had spent 2 weeks with me before going back.

When she didn’t answer her phone, I had this clear vision somehow. Something inside me said that when she had called a day before, she sounded disoriented. She was hale and hearty when she left my house but something came over her after reaching her house. I called the neighbours to help me trace her or ask her to call me back. The neighbour was in some hospital and asked me to wait till he returned home. I was tired and sleepy and felt like dozing off. I felt as if it was a last moment for me to sleep before what seemed long days and nights that lay ahead. Something was so heavy on my head and heart that I couldn’t carry that load and dozed off for a couple hrs.

I was woken up by a phone call from mom’s neighbour saying they found my mom lying on the floor in the house! My immediate response was, “Rush her to the hospital” and the response from the other side was….”she is no more”!

It was my premonition since morning but it was also hers that brought her back to her house where she had always wanted to take her last breath. Not just that, the few days she spent back at her place, she had withdrawn money, good amount of money, and had left it in her locker…..for me to find…because she had always spoken about her own money to be used for her last rites!!

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4 thoughts on “Mom was no more”

  1. I’m sorry about your loss. (Unless it was just fiction for the prompt challenge.)
    I often read about people knowing when they are passing, and so they do some peculiar things because of that. I definitely agree with those recounted stories.


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